Established by Maria Elva in 2007, she bravely knocked on the doors (good old school) daringly. “Hello, do you have work for me in cleaning the house”?

It could be funny and refreshing to imagine such a moment. Today, Maria’s self-driven character, perseverance, and dedication have paid off with customer loyalty. 70% of our clients have remained with us since 2007. Not many businesses today could say the same. Credibility is our hallmark and it is displayed through our employees’ professional behavior, how we treat our clientele, and the service itself.

Our business is not just cleaning houses.  We give the added value of peace of mind that comes from the excellent customer service we provide.

Our Credibility includes our three central values: Excellence, Trust, and Satisfaction.

Excellence: How we deliver our services and treat our clientele and employees. We treat every client as though they are family.

Trust: Something that takes dedication, time, and effort. The same team or individual will provide the cleaning service for our clients, you will see and know that with this trust will be established. This is a benefit that far outweighs the cost of our service.

Satisfaction: The result of constant dedication, active communication, and delivering an outstanding cleaning service based on mutual understanding, flexibility, and collaboration.

We have grown as a business and, more importantly, as a family in every way. Those who have welcomed us into their homes have become part of our family, Maria’s family (M&C CleaN House).

Thank you!

Maria Elva Soto and Family!