• Family owned
  • 70% of our base customers have used our services for 7-12 years
  • Neat appearance, professional manners and demeanor
  • No contracts
Excellence in cleaning
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Denisse Testimonial
We started working with Elva in 2009 (Founder of M&C CleaN House). She came to our door right after we moved into our new home in Zionsville and I immediately liked her and wanted to have her clean our home, at least until we got through the chaos of moving! I soon met Marel and later Claudia.  We were customers for 10 years until we downsized in 2019 and remain good friends to this day!  I consider them all to be not only meticulous and efficient in their work, but also wonderful, trustworthy human beings. And for me, the strength of a person’s character is the most important quality in choosing someone to work in my home. So, I can enthusiastically recommend M&C Clean House to anyone who is considering hiring them.
The Herhusky family
Marjorie Testimonial
In the fall of 2006, my doorbell rang.  I opened the door to Elva and her daughter Vanessa.   Vanessa explained that her mom was looking for house cleaning clients and would I be interested.  Elva’s english was not so good, and my spanish was not so bad and we immediately hit it off!  

Over the next 8 years Elva came every other week and we laughed and cried over our families and she did an amazing job cleaning and caring for our home.  During this time, I met both of her sons, their spouses, a few grandkids and Vanessa once again.  Elva was adored by her children and clearly a strong matriarch.  Then one day, I could tell her health had taken a turn and shortly thereafter, Marel called to tell me she had suffered a medical condition that affected her brain.  I went to see her at the hospital, surrounded by her children.  It was devastating to see her laying there.  She went through months of rehabilitation and during this time, Claudia and Marel came to my house every other week to clean and care for my home, just like Elva did.  They brought Elva by a few times.  I could see in Elva’s eyes she knew me but it was difficult for her to communicate.  Marel and Claudia continued to work hard, and to add more clients to cover the cost of medical care for Elva.

For over 1O years, Elva have cleaned and cared for my home. In this last 5 years is Claudia an Marel that has become M&C CleaN house business.  I know this family, they are good and kind and wonderful people.  I trust them completely.  If you are considering cleaning services, I personally recommend M&C CleaN House.  They have excellent cleaning skills, they will take care and respect your belongings, they are punctual and never miss, and above all they are trustworthy.   If you have any questions, I can be their reference.

Marjie Breisch
Michelle Testimonial
Carmel, IN
Current Customer since 2011

I moved to Indiana in 2010 and after trying a few cleaning services (theft), I thought I was done with them.  Until one day, when my doorbell rang and it was Elva Soto.  She asked if I needed a cleaning lady and handed me a flier.  There was something about her that made me reconsider hiring someone again.  After talking it over with my husband we agreed to give her a try.  It was the best decision we made.  Elva would sometimes come with her daughter-in-law, Claudia, to clean.  They always were on time and cleaned in a timely manner.  A few years ago, Elva stopped working because of health issues.  I miss her.  Her son and daughter-in-law now clean my house and do a great job, they have become M&C CleaN House company.  None is perfect but I will say they are hard workers and I trust them being alone in my home.  That speaks volumes.  I would highly recommend M&C CleaN House for all your house cleaning needs.

The Demchak Family
Price Testimonial
M&C Clean house have provided biweekly housecleaning services for us for over 3 years. They were referred to us through family who have used them for 5+ years. We’re thrilled with their service. They do a tremendous job – thorough, attentive to detail and professional. They are also excellent at communication (cleaning day, arrival time, supplies, etc.) and accommodating when our household schedule changes. We’re grateful to have them to take care of our home and highly recommend them to others.
The Price Family